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About Abroad4Sure

Abroad4Sure offers country-specific CVs tailored to help individuals land a job abroad. We offer CV writing services for various countries, including Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, the USA, Austria, and more.

At Abroad4Sure, we differentiate ourselves by providing customized CVs that specifically target the country you are applying to. We understand that different countries have unique requirements when it comes to job applications. With our expertise and in-depth knowledge of various international job markets, we can help you craft a CV that aligns perfectly with the specific requirements of your desired country. Our goal is to increase your chances of landing an interview and ultimately securing a job abroad. 

There are several reasons to choose Abroad4Sure for your CV writing needs:

  • Country-specific CV: Abroad4Sure ensures your CV is in the right style, format, and language for your chosen country, meeting local requirements.
  • ATS Proof: We will optimize your CV with relevant keywords, making it stand out and pass successfully through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by many employers.
  • Translation from your latest CV: If you have an existing CV in English, French, or German, Abroad4Sure can translate and optimize it for success in international job applications.
  • Written by HR experts: Our CV writers are native speakers and industry experts who know how to highlight your experience and skills to impress potential employers.
  • Fully editable Word file: The CVs provided by Abroad4Sure are fully editable Word files, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.
  • Fast delivery: You can expect to receive your customized CV within 3-5 business days, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

About our services

The CV writing process with Abroad4Sure is straightforward and efficient:

  1. Select your desired destination and CV type from our CV writing services page.
  2. Provide your personal information and requirements by either uploading your old CV or filling in a questionnaire while placing your order.
  3. An experienced writer and native speaker from your industry will skillfully craft a job-winning CV tailored to meet the requirements of your target country.
  4. Receive your new CV within 3-5 business days via email.

Get a step by step overview of how it works.

We require your latest CV in English, French, or German.To ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your situation, the more detailed information you provide, the better we can tailor your CV. The most important information includes your professional work experience (including dates and names of companies), your education background (including dates and names of universities or institutions), as well as your name, location, and date of birth. You can upload your old CV or fill in a questionnaire during the purchase process.

If any relevant information is missing, our CV writer will reach out to you to gather the necessary details. We strive to create a thorough and accurate representation of your qualifications and experiences to maximize your chances of success in the international job market.

While providing the job listing you are applying for is optional, it can be helpful in tailoring your CV accordingly. Including the job listing allows us to align your skills and qualifications with the specific requirements of the position.

Absolutely! We understand that you may already have an existing CV in one language, and we can certainly work with that. Whether your CV is in English, French, or German, our team of language experts can translate and transform it into a job-winning CV in your desired target language. You can provide us with your old CV and relevant details in one language, and we will rewrite and optimize it for success in another language, ensuring it meets the requirements and conventions of the country you are applying to.


You will receive your CV or resume from us as fully editable MS Word file, allowing you to reuse it and make changes to adjust them for other employers and vacancies.

You will receive the final document via email.

The timeline for CV writing and translation services varies depending on the scope of the project. However, we typically aim to deliver your new CV within 3-5 business days of receiving your information.

The prices for CV writing services vary depending on the specific country you’re targeting. Visit our CV writimg services webpage for the most up-to-date pricing information.

When placing your order, you can conveniently make your payment online through options like Konnect, PayPal, Master or Visa Card. Our secure online payment system accepts multiple currencies, including Tunisian Dinar.

More questions

A country-specific CV is essential because different countries have unique expectations and cultural norms when it comes to job applications. By tailoring your CV to the specific country you are targeting, you increase your chances of making a strong impression on employers and standing out among other applicants. A country-specific CV showcases your understanding of local practices and demonstrates your commitment to pursuing opportunities in that particular country.

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is a software used by companies to streamline and automate their hiring processes.

At Abroad4Sure, we ensure that all our CVs and resumes are ATS compatible. This means that our resumes are formatted in a way that is comprehensible to the ATS. To achieve ATS compatibility, we avoid using excessive designs, graphics, or formats that can be challenging for an ATS to read and process.

In addition we also keyword optimize your CV or resume for the ATS. This means that we strategically incorporate relevant keywords and phrases throughout your resume to align with the job requirements and increase the chances of your resume being recognized and selected by the ATS.

 No, the company will not recognize that you haven’t written the CV yourself. Our team of expert CV writers will craft a customized CV based on the information you provide. We maintain confidentiality and ensure that the CV reflects your skills, qualifications, and experiences accurately. Your CV will appear professional and authentic, representing your unique background and enhancing your chances of success in the job market abroad.


A tailored CV from Abroad4Sure can make a remarkable impression on employers worldwide. By customizing your CV to match the requirements and expectations of your target country, industry, and specific job vacancies, you increase your chances of landing a job abroad.

Help and support

At Abroad4Sure, we strive for customer satisfaction. We offer one free review within a 15-day window after you receive your CV. If you require any adjustments or modifications to the content, you can send us your requested changes during this period. We aim to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the final result.

For any further assistance or inquiries, you can reach out through our contact page.

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Abroad4Sure takes the privacy and security of their clients’ information very seriously. They use secure servers and follow strict protocols to ensure that your information remains confidential.

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